Links We Like

Check out these websites for products, services and education.  Please note that we are not being paid for endorsing these people, groups or products.  These are recommendations made purely because they are value-added to us and, we believe, our clients.  Always feel free to contact us for questions.

The Environment and eco-conscious living

Environmental Working Group  – Home of the Dirty Dozen as well as multiple consumer guides and databases.

Green America – Consumer information about corporations and their environmental positions, green campaigns, pro-green living companies.



Living Wellness Medical Center – Leila Turner, ND focuses on women’s health and bewtween herself and the other doctor’s at her practice, she provides a well-rounder list of services for everyone in the family.  She is based in Phoenix AZ but also does phone consultations.

Integrative Weight Management – Cathy Head, Phd is an independent nurse pradtitioner in Charlotte, NC providing a range of support services for weight loss, diet and lifestyle.

Naturopathic Specialists, LLC – This clinic specializes in mens’s health, environmental medicine and general family health but it’s main focus is treating patients that have been diagnosed with cancer.  Board certified naturopathic oncologists are on board to care for the person in every stage of treatment.

Food And Nutrition

Fooducate – Nutrition and weight loss app that doesn’t just track food.  There is real education about how to pick,prepare and eat real food.