Mini Medi: A Moment Before Movement


Reducing stress doesn’t require hours of practice every day.  Studies have shown that brain waves begin to change just after 15 minutes of meditation.  So, whether you are new to the practice or are a seasoned pro with precious little time, it is possible to reap the benefits from just a few minutes a day.

Making time before you start your day is an easy way to set a positive tone.  You don’t even have to get out of bed.  Instead of trying to get 10 more minutes of unsuccessful snoozing, concentrate on your breath instead.  Strong, deliberate breathing with a focus on the exhale, not the inhale will increase energy levels and kickstart body function.


Why Are We “Hacking” Our Lives?

adults-audience-band-437643As I write this, I’m steeling myself for some backlash from avid “hackers” be they of the bio (a la Dave Asprey) or life design , but let me say this to you out there.  I come in peace!  I’m not disparaging the tips, tricks and processes that keep you guys feeling, looking and living your best.  All of us should be finding a routine that allows us to accomplish this.  As a matter of fact, I welcome any amicably presented information, education or conversation that helps us all learn more about the philosophy behind this lifestyle.

It’s the word “hack”.  I just can’t get past the idea of short-cutting any part of our lives just to keep up the pace.  Seemingly rushing through the mundane to high-tail it to the next responsibility to speed through the day to get to our pre-boxed, home cooked evenings. Furthermore, we should understand that bio-hacking relative to diet is, at its core, the body responding in its natural way to being provided with the nutrients that aren’t present in the standard american diet.  Proper diet will definitely increase cognition and vitality and helps us to maintain homeostasis, the body’s natural balance that produces optimal mind, body and spirit balance.  But all this hacking business has me asking this question.  Shouldn’t we be slowing down long enough to savor every experience from the requisite to the exquisite?

That’s what living in the moment and practicing awareness of said moment is all about, right?  I’ve found myself being constantly reminded to do this lately.  Live in the moment, I mean; something that isn’t always so easy for me, personally.  I guess, it’s got me wanting to share how wonderfully rewarding it can be to honor every moment.  Hold space for your weekly lunch prep or practice grateful toothbrush time.  Slow and steady AWARENESS can still win the race.  Every moment, even tackling your to do list can be self-care if you are able to shift your perspective.  Feel the gratification of checking everything off of your daily checklist before you get started.  Enjoy the literal transformation of your morning routine as you go from foggy to fierce as you start your day.  Taste every bite of your  avocado toast or bullet proof breakfast.  As my mother wisely told me once, “thoughts are things”.  Allowing consciousness to to be a part of your time saving tricks can add a whole new dimension to your every day present.

Hypno Tip

Have you been meaning to meditate, be mindful and manifest a better day but just can’t find the time to get it all in? Mini mantra’s are a great way to pause, quickly but meaningfully and to set your tone for the day. There is also a hypnotic aspect to it because in mantra form the repetition is helping you plug into the subconscious where behavior is affected. Take the time to do it right before you get out of bed or even in the shower if that’s where you have the best shot at some quiet time. take 5 to 10 minutes for this.
Here are the steps
1. Think of one or two short phrases that encompass your goals or intention for the day, you can even throw in something you are working on long term, if you like. Example: “Today, my actions will always come from love. Or.. Today I am punctual and move through my day with ease and happiness. Or… I will treat my mind and body well, I release the need to snack when I am not truly hungry.
2. Close your eyes and repeat your “mantra”. Consciously make an effort to relax and refresh each part of your body. Example: Imagine relaxing all the muscles in your head while accepting a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling. Speak or think your mantra and move on to the next body part.
3. Once you have moved through your entire body, speak or think your mantra one last time and instruct yourself to now become fully aware of your environment feeling joyful and ready to start your day.
Don’t worry, you won’t get stuck in a hypnotic trance. Even if you forget to bring yourself “back up”, your state of hypnosis will gradually recede naturally. Also, don’t become impatient if you find your mind wandering, like traditional meditation, it can be a learning experience getting used to this new process, just keep trying. Like I said, the mantra is very helpful in keeping you focused on the task at hand while effectively putting you into a very deeply, relaxed state.