Up Your Game

Did you know pexels-photo-208520that hypnosis can help you improve your game?  Simple guided and self-hypnosis techniques can help improve focus and performance.  It can help increase calm and quite literally improve physical performance and endurance too.  Michael Jordan, Mary Lou Retton, even Tiger Woods have used it as part of their respective training strategies.  Whether you are a trail runner or a running back, hypnosis can be a beneficial part of any training strategy.

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness that involves having focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness.  This combination creates an enhanced receptivity to positive suggestion.  This is not actually a unique phenomenon, everybody moves in and out of different states of consciousness multiple times a day, naturally.  However, by deliberately allowing facilitation into that specific state where suggestion can be more easily integrated into daily habits or routines it becomes easier to incorporate new goals and increases focus and skills at a much greater pace.

Hypnotherapists are trained.  We learn specific methods to help guide the client to accept, change or release certain behaviors, patterns, habits or routines.  It is pretty typical to expect participating in several sessions regardless of your goal to help create new behavior whether you are trying to quit smoking or perfecting your pitch but session frequency depends on the person and the manner in which hypnosis is responded to.  It can be done in person and in most cases, via video chat or phone.

Would you ever consider hypnosis to improve your game?  Let us know.